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MCAA (Magic Creature Athletic Association)

The Great 8

The Pairings:

Elves vs. Spikes

A close call for the Spikes as they struggled to get into the Final Four. The Elves took one game by attacking incessantly, forcing a loss of a Spike Weaver token per turn. By the time the decks were nearly exhausted, the Elves had more punch left. Game two, the Spikes switched to attacking and pounded the Elves. In the decider, a second turn Eldamari, giving all the Elves Forestwalk, took the Spikes to three life before the Weaver came out to save the day.

Spikes 2, Elves 1

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Griffins vs. Slivers

Slivers lose the first game to the quick Griffins, after they plopped a Pearl Medallion, followed by the Griffin Lord, Zuberi, Golden Feather, but the Slivers regained the match by pounding out a quick swarm in the other games.

Slivers 2, Griffins 1

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Artifact Creatures vs. Thallids/Fungus

In game one, the Triskellion sat in the hand while the Spore Flowers kept all the damage at bay. In the second game, the Serrated Biskellion killed off the flowers but the Saprolings managed to block until the Thorn Thallid could ping the Artifacts to death.

Thallids/Fungus 2, Artifact Creatures 0

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Kobolds vs. Orcs

Two games with bad draws (mostly mana and no Kobold Taskmasters) spelled the end of the Kobold's Cinderella rise through the tournament. With reliable creature removal, the Orcs could kill any Taskmaster that hit play and knock the Kobolds down to zero power.

Orcs 2, Kobolds 0

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