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MCAA (Magic Creature Athletic Association)

The Final Four

The Pairings:

Slivers vs. Spikes

Acidic Sliver made short work of the Spikes by shooting the Spike Feeders as they entered play and then by pumping out Sliver Queen tokens to throw until the Spikes went home.

Slivers 2, Spikes 0

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Orcs vs. Thallids

With quick, direct damage on the Orcs side, it appeared that they would have no trouble eliminating the ever-annoying Spore Flower which can fog nearly every turn, but none of the eight Artillery or Cannoneers appeared early enough to make a difference in games and and three. In both cases, Thorn Thallid cleared the blockers to allow the Saprolings to trudge on through. In game 2, it was sligh at it's finest for the Orcs, but it wasn't enough and the Orcs had to settle for their Final Four berth.

Thallids 2, Orcs 1

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