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MCAA (Magic Creature Athletic Association)

The Sweet Sixteen

The Pairings:

Licids vs. Spikes

Spikes used their beef to power through to win, but in the second game, the Dominating Licid stole a couple of Spike Cologies and pumped up their own creatures to save face and win one game.

Spikes 2, Licids 1

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Elves vs. Knights

The quintessential creature vs. creature macthup featured two ground-pounding weenies with the Elves speeding to victory, but the Knights, led by the Zhalfirin Commander, stopped the shutout.

Elves 2, Knights 1

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Minions vs. Slivers

Game one went to the Minions, with the Dauthi Mercenary shadowing through, and the Slivers were in trouble for the first time, especially when the Minion's Trapper/Cutthroat combo was out by turn three in the second game. Unfortunately, all the mana was spent blasting Slivers. In the deciding game, the Slivers muscled their way through.

Slivers 2, Minions 1

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Elephants vs. Griffins

Game one was a standoff until the Griffins realized they could wake up and do twenty damage in one turn.

Griffins 2, Elephants 0

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Ghosts/Specters vs. Thallids/Fungus

Spore Flower was an annoying factor once again, keeping the Ghosts at bat to let Feral thallid over to win game one. In the Other game, the Thorn Thallid built up to do twenty points of damage in one turn.

Thallids/Fungus 2, Ghosts/Specters 0

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Artifact Creatures vs. Drakes

Mishra's War Machine actually made it into play and helped as the Clockwork Avian kept the Drakes at bay. Scarecrow made its appearance in game two, so when the six mana mark was hit, the Drakes flailed helplessly in the wind.

Artifact Creatures 2, Drakes 0

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Falcons vs. Orcs

Freewind Falcon hit the table and it looked like the Orcs couldn't get past the pro-red creature, but with Orcish Oriflamme in play and an Orcish Captain winning two flips, they took the Falcons down. In game two, lots of Orcs and no Freewind Falcon proved to be the deciding factors.

Orcs 2, Falcons 0

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Elementals vs. Kobolds

Would the Kobolds continue their streak? Well, in game one, the Portal Plant Elemental for 1G and a forest sac, held off the Kobolds until the swarm could get through. Mana-hosing in game two enabled the Kobold army to zip past the only blocker, a Time Elemental.

Kobolds 2, Elementals 0

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