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MCAA (Magic Creature Athletic Association)

The Round of 32 - Brackets 3 & 4

The Pairings:

Thalids vs. Vampires

The Spore Flower and the Thorn Thallid worked their magic once again to delay beatdown and go for a one turn kill, but in game two, Vampiric Touch sucked the life out of the Spore Flower to save face.

Thallids 2, Vampires 1

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Ghosts/Specters vs. Multi-Colored Legends

Small flying Ghosts spooked the slow Legends. Even with Tetsuo Omezawa and the Sword of the Chosen in play, the discarding flyers, like Hypnotic Specter, managed to keep the Legends at bay.

Ghosts/Specters 2, Multicolored Legends 0

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Artifact Creatures vs. Zombies

The Artifacts used Mishra's Workshop to construct lots of big Artifacts, enough to cast a Phyrexian Dreadnaught, but the Zombies had something for that, namely Plaguebearer. For three mana, the 12/12 Dreadnaught died and for one mana, the Plaguebearer knocked off a Mishra's Factory. Flying was the key in game two when the Tetravis cruised over the heads of the living dead.

Artifact Creatures 2, Zombies 0

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Drakes vs. Fairies

In the initial game, three Fairy Nobles turned the rest of their buddies into at least 4/4 flying creatures, overwhelming the Drakes. In the second game, the Quick Fairies ran out of steam and, in the third, they butted heads with the first-striking Sabertooth Wyvern and lost.

Drakes 2, Fairies 1

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Dwarves vs. Orcs

The Orcs recruited the General and proceeded to systematically knock out the Dwarves. Dwarven Pony helped the Dwarves come back in game two by helping the Vigilantes get through to kill Orcs, but the Orcish Artillery and Cannoneers in game three slew the Dwarven Soldiers and eventually pounded their way to victory.

Orcs 2, Dwarves 1

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Falcons vs. Gorillas

Flying was the key once again. The Gorillas couldn't harness their beefy power before the quick, pumped-up Falcons dropped a loss onto their furry heads.

Falcons 2, Gorillas 0

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Cyclops/Trolls vs. Kobolds

The Kobolds initially got mana-screwed, drawing only one land in game one, and their five blockers weren't enough to stall the trolls. In game two, the tables turned and the Trolls and Cyclops froze at three mana. That enabled the Kobold Taskmaster and three first turn Kobolds to get the quick jump. In the final game of the match, the Cinderella Kobolds plopped out blockers which soon became 6/5 and 4/5 first-striking tramplers that overran the Trolls. Kobolds move on!

Kobolds 2, Cyclops/Trolls 1

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Elementals vs. Merfolk

The Elementals need for blue mana enabled the Merfolk to use the Seasinger's stealing ability. In one game, it stole a Flame Elemental, the next the same Elemental destroyed the Merfolk culprit. Game three saw the Time Elemental valiantly hold off the school until the rest of the Elementals could swarm through.

Elementals 2, Merfolk 1

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