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Morning Tide

Is Comming
and Boldo's brings
it to you for
the lowest price in

only $112 a box

Local Events
February 2 Moring tide releaes weekend tournament 7pm at Boldo's Armory
February 16-17 Rochester GamesWorkshop Championship at RIT
March 1 Burpanomicon SUNY Bockport's gaming convention
March 14-16 Arcon at SUNY Oswego
March 27-30 Simcon at University of Rochester
March 29-30 DaBoyz GT 2500 Warhammer Fantasy tournament at Simcon
April 11-13 UBcon at SUNY Buffalo Amherst Campus
Magic Booster Packs
Cold Snap, Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, Guildpact, Dissension, Cold Snap, Saviors of Kamagawa, Unhinged, and Tenth set in Stock


Ice Age $6.46 a pack!!!

Gaming Leagues at Boldo's

Monday - Magic Wacky Draft

Tuesday - Magic for Fun 4pm-6:00pm and Magic Tournament at 7pm at RIT Student Union RWAG meeting

Wednesday -

Thursday - Warhammer Fantasy and 40K

Friday - Novice constructed tournament 4pm (free)

Friday - Stategic Wargames 7pm (free)

Sunday - Warhammer 40K and Fantasy

Saturday - Magic Legacy Tournament $3 12:30pm
Saturday - Board Games 1pm

April 15-17 ARCcon full service gaming con at SUNY Oswego
Everyday - General Gaming

All About Boldo's

We're Boldo's Armory, with a wide variety of Collectible Card Games, Board Games, Miniatures, Role Playing actual Medieval replication armor made by Boldo himself!

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891 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620


Sunday: Noon-7PM
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Tuesday: 11AM-10PM
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Thursday: 11AM-10PM
Friday: 2-10PM
Saturday: Noon-10PM

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Gaming News

Have news to report?

Ancients Play at Simcon We will be running an anceints tournament at Simcon Thursday Night March 27 at 7pm at Douglas Hall. It will be 1500pts and we will play two games starting at 7:30pm. I hope all the historical gaming enthusists can attend.

Simcon is the DaBoyz Spring Fantasy Tournament GT 2008 This is a 2 days warhammer fantasy tournament. It will be March 27-30. It will be a quality product all around with lots of new great terran, interesting scenarios, and wonderful prizes, and lots of fun for all. So do not miss it.

Da Boyz has a new home on line atleast and this is the best way to get there.

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