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My Latest Addiction

by John Buyea

Warhammer Fantasy Battles is my latest addiction. After running the gambit of CCG's, I though I would find a less expensive hobby. There’s something to be said about a man willing to spend $10.00 on an inch tall molded figure of an elf made out of mysterious “white metal”, and I’m sure it isn’t words he would care to hear. Then again, he isn’t buying 4 pieces of coated paper at $10.00 a pop as a key component to his next “killer green deck”. Well, we all have addictions!

My brief Warhammer history. I was always curious about Warhammer. The idea of grand armies of good taking on the evil forces in an epic war, wizards casting spells, generals atop their great dragons - what’s not to love? So I brought home the box game, and immediately went to work on my first army, my Knights of Brettonia. Now, fast-forward 6 weeks. Finally, my army is painted. It’s acceptable, but they sure don’t look like those in White Dwarf magazine! Good thing painting improves with practice. Off to battle!

My first ever battle was against the Orcs & Goblins. My knights will run through these foul creatures! Two turns later, I am conceding, as my General’s head explodes, thanks to a heartless Orc Shaman, targeting his spell on the closest model in his range. HUH. So that’s it? Game over? My Brettonians were so demoralized by this loss; it would be months before I attempt battle again. Fortunately for me, I did try again, and won my first battle. Then I was hooked, and Games Workshop’s pockets are fuller for it!

Sound interesting? Come on down to Boldo’s Armory on Thursday evenings, where you can regularly see Boldo’s stoic Dwarfs defending their turf against my Knights of Brettonia. We’re not sure why they fight - they just do. I’m sure the Brettonians are in that Book of Grudges somewhere. We’ll even set you up with an army to command for the night, if you want to see what Warhammer is all about. The more the merrier!

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