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Individualizing Your Warhammer Army

by John Buyea

So, you finally decided on what army you will build. Sure, you have your standard GW models for your army, but those models look just like the next guyís. Donít you want an army that stands out? An army that you put a little more time into, and gets noticed by your fellow gamers?

My Brettonians needed a General. Sir Robert, Duc du Charbonneau is their fine leader, and one who leads his troops into the heat of battle. To represent him, I started with the awesome Green Knight model. While this model is just fine the way it is, MY General charges into battle! He needs a lance. First, I used the Green Knight torso. So, snip! Off with the sword, and I replaced with a Grail Knight lance. The lance is positioned as he is presenting the lance up high to signify the immanent charge.

I used Grail Knight legs, for that dapper overcoat. I replaced his shield with a regular plastic one, to detail with his heraldry later. I filled the hole in his back with putty as I didnít want to use the banner poles. I left the Green Knight horse model alone, as it is wonderful as-is. He was my first conversion Iíve ever attempted, and Iím quite happy with the end result.

As I neared completion of my Brettonians, I wanted to start another race. After perusing through the army lists, the one that I kept going back to was the Lizardmen. Aztec styling, poisoned weapons, big-ass charging dinosaurs, whatís not to love? It also helped that I had the game box set lizardmen sitting around unused. Now comes the problem. Thereís an awful lot of repetitive models in the basic plastic troops, and I surely didnít feel like spending a fortune on the metal models when people are practically giving away plastic lizardmen on Ebay. I made due with the plastic skink archers, but made a conscious effort not to paint them boring olí green. Makes them interesting, anyway.

Now, plastic Saurus Warriors. What a crime by GW that they give you basic Saurus for free in the game and you can give them spears for one more point! My Saurusí (Sauri?) must have spears! But I wasnít about to pay $6.00+ per 2 metal models. A quick bits order through Boldo and for $1.00 each I had 2 Saurus metal spear arms in 4 different poses.

My next idea was to improve on the problem of only 2 Kroxigor models. Easily one of my favorite models when painted nicely, these guys really stand out on the battlefield and it bugged me that all you really could do was swap heads between them. I was putting together my Skink Cold One Riders at the same time when I realized the tails swap perfectly with the Kroxigors! Cool, 4 more types of tails for the Kroxigors, and 2 more for the Cold Ones. I put the spiky Kroxigor tail (with the jewelry) on my Skink Heroís Cold One, as his should be more ornate. Very nice! Iím starting to be a converting madman!

A dremel for christmas only pushed me further. Now thereís still a problem with only 2 weapons on them, the overhead axe, and the lower held halberd-y looking axe. Hmm, how about a big olí spear? A towering Kroxigor stabbing downward on the front rank of the enemy would look slightly menacing, wouldnít it? I removed the axe head from the overhead axe model, separated the hands, bent the arms a little, and repositioned the legs. Another bits order for an Orc Boar Boy spear arm, for a suitably large weapon and he was ready for painting.

Even if you donít get this ambitious, itís worth the extra effort to flock your bases with something. All my rank and file get a basic green flock. A bag of flock will set you back maybe $5.00 for more than you will ever use and its amazing how much a finished base improves the look of the model, even if the paint job is average. I spend extra time on models that are worth it, like my beloved Kroxigors. A few pebbles, a little sand, a little flock, and some toothbrush bristles and they look right at home in the swamps of Lustria.

My latest project is a Griffon by Enigma miniatures I found in Boldoís clearance box. I donít even think I paid over $5.00 for it and I just put it away for a while after I bought it. Well, I broke him out this weekend and assembled him, and it really is a gorgeous model! And he will need a Brettonian Hero to ride him into battle, wonít he? A quick rummage through my bits box, and found all the parts I need. Grail Knight Torso, Green Knightís legs, Hero on Pegasus sword arm, Green Knight banner pole, and we have our Hero. I chose the Green Knightís legs because I needed the way his legs bend to fit around the griffonís wings. I needed to dremel away some of the surcoat from the legs that were in the way. I filed down the leftover feathers on the Pegasus Heroís arm and bent it slightly to make way for the banner pole. I added a bit of putty to the bottom of the saddle and glued the banner poles to the putty at an angle to take up space between the griffons back and the saddle. Looking good so far! Iíll let you know how he turns out when I finish painting him, or just stop down to Boldoís on Thurday evenings to see him tearing into Boldoís Dwarves or whatever threat my Brettonians may be facing!

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