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Warhammer: The Game?

by John Nadig

If you visit the store often, than you have probably witnessed a game of Warhammer, or if you are lucky than you might have even participated in a game. People stand around and watch Alex beat me down and they all say basically the same thing "That game looks cool." Well there is more to this HOBBY than the game itself. There is the gluing and the painting and, of course, the story line involved with all the armies that are intertwined in one way or the other. This article will give the first part of the story with the rest yet to come.

Before the Elves and even the Dwarves could speak, the Lizardmen walked the earth. The Lizardmen were brought to this world as servants for what can only be recalled by the oldest Elves as the Old Ones. They came to this world by means of an inter-dimensional gateway which was located in the north pole. These Old Ones found the Elves and Dwarves wandering the lands, not even able to speak. The Old Ones nurtured these races and helped them start on their way to civilization. The ancestors of these races then worshiped these beings as Gods for a time. Still, no one knows why the Old Ones did this, though there are many guesses as to the reasons.

Even though the Old Ones helped start these races, they built their own cities far to the south of the North Pole. Their command of technology was well beyond that of the other races and their command of magic was even better.

The Old Ones stayed on the world long enough to help the races start their civilizations; however, one day, the gate which the Old Ones used collapsed and they disappeared. The collapse of the gate left the land saturated in magic. Even worse, the collapse left a giant hole into another dimension inhabited by Demons. This began the Time of Chaos. The Demons poured through the hole and wreaked havoc upon the world of the newly established races. The polar realm became the dreaded Realm of Chaos that still survives even to this day, where Demons live and magic pours over the globe like a tidal wave. The Old Ones perished during this time, but the Dwarves and Elves survived with the knowledge given to them by the Old Ones. Humanity, lacking the guidance of the Old Ones, was left to develop on its own, by having contact with the older races. Thus the Humans were left to develop on there own because the Elves and the Dwarves looked down on the Humans.

The way the races developed and the emergence of other races, is for further parts of this story. I hope you liked it and I hope that it peaks your interest enough to start playing, because getting beat down by Alex all the time is pretty boring!! Damn Dwarves......

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