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Warhammer...Boldo Style

Recently, we have started to play a campaign at Boldo's which offers a wide variety of play opportunity in Warhammer fantasy. One player gets a 2000 point army. They can only have 1 general, 1 level-1 wizard, and champions for the units. They get no magic items, only 800 points of characters (1200 for Bretonian), no monsters, and no allies. Each round they fight a 1000 point army following the standard Boldo rules, 40% characters (60% for Bretonian), all magic items out of the character points, wizards limited to level 3, and no allies. No magic items which increase toughness, automatically kill, regenerate wounds, increase magic level, or give more than a +2 bonus. It is assumed the larger army will win. After each win, it fights another 1000 point army and the question is how many games can it fight.

Each round the larger army gets 50 points to spend on magic items or raising the level of the wizard. These points can also be used to create heroes or champions under special circumstances and can be saved between games. The 2000 pt army also must keep track of all losses as they are gone forever. The elite and veteran rules are used but if a unit gains elite status it may also spend points to create a champion and a veteran may use points to increase their level as well.

These special rules add some great twists to the game. Come down to compete in the carnage.

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