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Warhammer World

Games Workshop has decided to shake up their product line again. With the systematic makeover of the fantasy armies still in-progress, they have decided to redo 40k. In a big move they have pulled and started to redo all the army books, and the basic game itself. Dark Millenium will cease to exist, and a number of models and perhaps even an army will vanish from the shelves.

At Boldo's Armory, we have finished the summer Warhammer contest with a show down between John Nadig's Bretonians, and Boldo's Dwarves. In a tough battle, dwarven cannons resisted the Bretonian prayers and Boldo went on to win. Our next season is underway with a new day. From now on we will be meeting on Thursday nights to battle for a $35 prize. The finals will be fought out in the middle of December between the two players with the most points. So do not miss out on this chance to win valuable merchandise at Boldo's Armory in the Fall Warhammer showdown.

If Warhammer sounds like your sort of game, let Boldo's Armory help you assemble an army. We have an extensive stock of Warhammer figures and sets, along with items for the Warhammer 40k world.

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