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The Ten Unanswered Questions

Black Adder called the dictionary worthless after all why would someone who spoke English need to know what an English word means. This is the problem many have with warhammer rules. We know how to play the game but unfortunately how we play may not reflect what is written in the rulebook. Many of the following questions may seem stupid as you think you know the answer but to the best of my knowledge there is no official answer to them as of Annual 2004. So if you think the question is trivial check you rulebook as a little research may suprise you.
1) How far do fliers move on a failed charge?
2) If a unit of orcs is engaged from the front by a unit of High Elf spearmen and in the flank by a great eagle. What happens when enough orcs are killed so the Eagle is no longer touching a model but the orcs have not run?
3) What happens when a unit is clearly on the front of an enemy unit but every move possible forces it to hit the flank of that unit when it charges?
4) When skirmishers are charged why does every picture show them forming up with a number of models in the front equal to the number of models in the frontof the charging unit?
5) When do frenzied troops move?
6) Does declaring a charge turn off frenzy?
7) What is Charge reach?
8) As skirmishers do no have ranks and cannonballs can only hit one unit per rank of a unit how many skirmishers can be hit?
9) How wide is the cannon ball template if it is a template?
10) If the rider is slain from a ridden monster by enemies shich swung first, when does the bound monster leadership test get rolled?
If you think you have an answer to any of these questions feel free to e-mail boldo but be sure to include specific page and rule referencesfrom published and official GW material. Remeber although white Dwarf battle reports may be fun any rules interpertation in these are not official and often wrong.