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The Results

The Tale of Triumph

Team Boldo straggled into GamesDay on a smogy Friday morning and immediately
Started to trade loot for Kroot. Unfortunately this is as close as we got
to enjoying Games Day. Once the doors opened we were trapped in the Rogue
Trader Tournament with neary a chance to see the Golden Demon.

Game One of the new season was Gain Ground which is almost unwinnable for
dwarves. A simple scenario where the only
victory condition is control of table quarters. I played Rob Valenti, an
incredibly nice Vampire Count player who started out with a bang running over
my hammerers with a huge Black knight unit. Fortunately before he could turn around
I managed to shoot them dead including the general. Meanwhile my rangers kept
half the board occupied and one of my units shot across the board to grap
a board quarter. After some beating though I still had units in all four
board quarters for a victory. Meanwhile Mark's O&G where bringing the smackdown,
Eric's VC played for a safe draw, and Josh won but then misreported his game
for a loss.
Game two is another tough one for dwarfs called breakthrough, where players
gain points for any unit they run off the board. In six turns dwarves can
not get off the board while my opponet, Brian Watson, is playing VC and can
easily get offf the board. So I set up to give up as little ground as I can and
bring the big beatdown. My opponent again tries to bring the battle to me and
my little guys crush the zombies and dogs dead. I score another big win. Meanwhile
Eric uses the VC's spells to hold the opponent down and run his fast units off
the board for a victory. Josh manages to pilot the Lizards to a victory, while,
anomsity ruins Mark.
After day one we are 6-1-1 and a very happy lot, but game 3 opens on Saturday
with lots of problems. The golden Demon registration line is endless and many
players, like Mark, are late to their game. I end up playing Tim Lantz's
Lizardmen in a magic flux. I have many more tactical units than him and so I
surround him, then flank him, then crush him. Mark loses another on some rule
questions, while Josh beats down Eric. But we are way behind when we take the
quiz and now we will see nothing of Games Day.
Game 4 is a traitor scenario and I get to play Tony Ordona's VC army. It is
one of the fairest VC armies I have ever seen and is simply beautiful. He outplays
me for the first 2 turns but then I flank the black knights, and when he charges
with his general I beat him down. For the rest of the game I am just playing
cleanup but he has done a lot of damage. When the dust clears I have a marginal
victory. Josh and Eric win quickly and Mark loses another close one.
So after 4 games we are 11-4-1 which is not bad and Josh takes home best army.
Meanwhile the dwarves have 3 undefeated armies and win the best overall so it
is a good day for the short ones.

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