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Starting forces

Each player may build a 1500 point army with a General and 3 other characters which can be any combination of first level Wizard, or champion or army battle standard bearer. Runesmiths count as wizards and generals with spells count as 2 character choices. These characters can have 50 pts of magic items total(all demonic rewards, bloodlines, and virtues except the knightly virtue should be included as magic items) and may ride warhorses (boars, wolves, or other normal mount) where appropriate.

The army is to be built of a 500 pt core which can include no more than two war machines, two elite unit types, or one monster which can become a character mount. The rest of the army must come from regular trooper. An elite unit is defined as one where either the statistics are higher than the normal for the race or the point cost is higher than would be account for by different equipment.


A series of earthquakes in the realms of the boarder princes have devastated an area but also have uncovered a number of sites of an ancient race. These sites are just ruins but they contain powerful ancient artifacts and magic weapons. To explore these sites the armies of the world have sent out a force. These forces established base camps and then sent out smaller forces to examine these ruins. Each army represents a part of a force sent into these areas to search for these items and each battle is a struggle for one of these sites. The artifacers which left them though often protected them in ways which require careful extraction and thus only the controller of the battle field at the end can claim these items.


Each Battle the two players should place terrain on the board with one building/ruin. Each building or ruin has special powers which need to be rolled for on a chart:

Roll Effect
1 No special powers
2 Roll 3 d6 for WOMC (winds of magic cards)
3 Any Wizard within 3” of the structure gets and holds 2 extra WOMC every magic phase
4 Any unit or model within 6” of the structure gets a special additional dispell to magic of 4+ unmodified to be used after all normal dispells are used.
5 Subtract one from each die for the the number of WOMC
6 All models within 4d6” of the structure are unaffected by magic. Any spell cast at them will automatically fail, any magic items within this range will not work, and any spell caster within this range will be unable to cast spells. Roll the range at the start of every turn.

Each game is 7 turns long. At any time a player may elect to have his side flee the battle field and then the battle is over and all units of the fleeing side survive. Each battle is a pitched battle unless the special conditions state otherwise.

Special conditions

Roll Result Effect
1 Strong winds No unit may fly and all missle weapons suffer an additional -1 modifier.
2 Fog of war No unit may see of move more than 12”. No charges may be declared at units more than 12” away and no unit may fire at any target more than 12 “ away.
3 Torrents of Rain No units may march move, and no gunpowder weapons can be fired, and all units with more than one attack receive a -1 to there attacks. All charges are at -d3”
4 Surprise The two armies must begin the battle by setting up in a column which runs perpendicular to the edge of the board and no longer than 16” in. This column follows the same rules as the ambushee in the ambush scenario.
5 Great Heat All units suffer an -1 to toughness and if their toughness is greater than 5 they suffer an additional -1. No unit may high fly.
6 The Army of the Moment Each side divides their forces in half and divides their characters into 2 groups. Then the battle is fought as a Flank attack.

Special rules

  • Stegadons count as monsters and the Howda is a S7 W4 structure
  • Organ Guns cost 118pts and Dwarven Cannons cost 90.
  • Units may gain elite status as per the battle book but if they gain a fourth elite status then they get a bonus champion for the army.

Characters can also progress as per veteran characters. They score points for surviving a battle that they fought in. Unlike in the basic rules these feats provide effects which are permanent based upon each the number of times the feat has been done:

Times Bonus
1 Elite Character gains +1 to initiative
2 Leader Character gains +1 to leadership
3 Fury Character gains +1 to attack
4 Thick Skin Character gains +1 Toughness
5 Prowess Character gains +1 to WS and BS
6 Level Character gains +1 to Wounds

Once a character has completed 6 feats they are considered to have gained a level and start again. For all purposes a Champion has become a hero and a hero a general and the rune smith advanced a level. At this point they are considered to be of this new character type.

Wizards gain levels as above but also count each successful spell they cast in a battle. After the battle roll one d6. If the total is less than the number of successfully cast spells then they gain an additional feat point as above. Wizard/general Generals gain bonuses for each battle they win. For every win the gain a bonus of +/- 1 on one leadership roll each game or reroll one die that directly affects the leader each game.

All one use magic items are exhausted after they are used and thus are good only in one battle. If a unit is the only side within 3” of the ruins for 2 full consecutive turns during a game then its side may receive a special magic item for use in the next game 1 strength potion, 2 dispel scroll, 3 ring of volands, 4 rune of luck, 5 Jade amulet, 6 nothing Any units which die are replaced before the next battle.

Armies do not have to remain the same between battles but the characters do.

If a character dies then they are replaced with a new character of similar type but without any magic items or experience. If the character fled and was caught in pursuit or ran off the board they return to the army with all items and equipment.


After each battle if one side has run then the other wins the battle if not calculate victory conditions using the standard rules with a bonus 100 points for being closest to the ruins. The losing side then must retreat and the winning side gets to explore the ruins. If the two sides are within 150 points of each other then the battle ends a draw and neither side gets to examine the ruins. If the ruins is explored the defeated side gets to propose 3 magic items of value 25-40 points in value which are not one use only which might be in the ruin. The winner then chooses one of these or they may take 20 points in magic items or they may find a map. Maps add 20 points to the size of the magic items found the next time this player wins a battle.

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