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john Buyea's report

The Standings

Jason Clark won Best Sportsman
John Buyea won Best Painting
Ty Danboise won Best Army
Boldo won Best Overall

Boldo's View
After a month of mild weekends with little snow it once more turned blustery
as Eric Moon, John Buyea, and myself set off for Syracuse for a RTT at Altered
States. After a decent drive and an indecent wait we began this areas largest
RTT yet. With 17 players the field as usual was heavy with Lizards, Orcs, and
Dwarves. The first battle was messenger, which is a personal favorite. It
produced a lot of draws and some armies are so much better than others. The
Lizardmen as usual are pretty good here and my opponent was Ty a fine Lizard
leader. He did make a small mistake early by letting me shoot one of the
messagers dead with a cannon. He was able to get one off one side by beating
my crossbowmen with a skink hero on cold one. My hammerers though beat his Slann
and skinks in combat and ran them down and when a saurus unit broke I got another
messenger with a charge. The dwarves with great weapons drove his troops off
one side and a messenger escaped. On the other side my general and hammerers
were able to get the second messenger off on the last turn of the game. Ty did
kill over half my units in a blood bath on both sides. John found out that the
orc and goblins take a long time to play as he did not finish the game and just
eeked out a tie. While Eric lost to my dwarf brother Will in a tough 3-2 game.
In round 2 I faced bretonians in Grudge match. This was a very nicely themed
army with lots of character and a hammy preformance but they are not great against
the dwarves. This game proved that once againt that the dwaves win more on LD and TO
than on shooting. He got at my dwarves but they stood their ground and then beat
back the mounted foes slowly with their great weapons. John again played slow
and ties while Eric fought another vampire player and lost a close battle. In
the final round it was King of the Hill and I squared off against my Drawven Brother
Will. His army was great but too heavily armored so he had one less block of
troops than I. He also had 17 fewer models and a flame cannon to oppose my 2
bolt throwers. He went first and had to attack and for two turns we shot ineffectively
and moved at each other. My extra unit went wide and allowed me to flank a block
of 30 warriors. This allowed me destroy one block of troops and when I got a
break on the other side I was 60 warriors up. His hammerers were able to sweep
all before them but they only killed the sacrificial rangers and warriors with
shields. This left me clearly in control of the hill. John fought a seesaw battle
with beastmen which ended with him having an 8 model lead on the hill for a
victory and Eric won easily over Empire in the vampires best battle.

Of course I was use to this situation I was now 9-0 and left to wait for the
final results. Jason Clark another Boldo player had a strong army with good
painting and near perfect comp so I expected to lose. Then the miracle happened
and I won. To make it even sweeter John won best painting, Jason best sportsman
and Ty (a friend of the Armory)took home best army. Congradulations to all as
once more I had a great time. Will even suggested I start a discussion for
dwarf players and if you are interested in this please drop me an email of

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