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Review by Boldo

When a new game comes out it is always exciting to open up the box, but with Mordheim, this was perhaps the biggest gaming disappointment I had ever experienced. Talk about the family not being able to put a bicycle together...this is twice as intimidating. With hundreds of pieces and a huge number of arm choices, this is not made any easier by the instructions either.

When the assembly is done, there is supposed to be a fairly interesting small unit melee game to play. Unfortunately, there is just too little thought put into the rest of the game. Basically, this game is set to be a search for Wyrdstone but then you fight with another group of searchers. Is this fight over territory, or for the right to search? No you just fight and, win or lose, you get to roll for the stone. Huh? Am I missing some motivation here.

Further, a lot of little things annoy me like targeting for shooting is allowed if you can see any part of the model, or all one side moves and then all the other. These are all very fixable, but I always feel "why should I."

Finally, it is a much better role-playing game than a combat game but this aspect is ignored as perhaps not profitable enough. Thus, despite the nice graphical representation, it ends up an under developed presentation which seemed like it was rushed out, which I guess you have to do if you are going to discontinue the game by the Millenium. [an error occurred while processing this directive]