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Stuck on Glue

by Boldo

If every you have modeled anything, from an airplane to a Hive Tyrant, you know that one of the toughest things is getting the glue to work. If you are like most people, then you use whatever glue is found and feel fortunate when you get the thing to stay together with only one minor body part stuck together. Well here it is the definitive review on Glue.

Testors Plastic Cement This is the glue that all glues should be like. It is the perfect thing for plastic as it melts the 2 plastic pieces into one. It has an addicting odor which is a favorite of degenerates huffers everywhere. Best of all, it does not stick body parts, clothing, tables, or anything but plastic together. This is the problem with it as it is the perfect glue for plastic but nothing but plastic to plastic. It does have an addicting odor which will make you woozy if used excessively in a small unventilated area.

Hot Stuff Super T This super-glue type is perhaps the best of them all. It is a thick but non-gel type which goes on evenly and then becomes tacky, so in a second or two the pieces will hold together with a minimum of holding by you. It works well on all materials but the bond is not the strongest. It also works well as a seam filler and when hardened is easily filed, sanded, or carved. Its only drawback is that it is odorless. It was even inexpensive but is very hard to find.

Zap-a-gap This is a liquid super-glue which is just okay at everything. It holds okay but requires some holding by you, it goes on fine but is a bit runny, it smells okay but not intoxicating, and equally mediocre on all surfaces. It will hold you together well and, as it requires some holding, often the pieces end up better attached to you than to each other. It is fairly inexpensive and easy to find.

Zap-a-gap Gel This is a gel of Zap-a-gap and so hold with less work from you, but is harder to apply and goes on only in globs. It works good on all surfaces and is a nice general purpose glue with a bad odor. It seems inexpensive at $1.50 a tube but that does not go very far.

Citidale Glue If the goal were to glue you together than this would be the best stuff. It takes forever to harden and needs to be held. This gives it the perfect opportunity to hold your body parts together and, as it stays sticky for what seems like hours, you will stick to everything you own. The model will not hold irregardless. It is also so fluid that it will run onto everything and make it almost impossible to keep off your fingers. The run hardens into an unworkable white solid which is tough to get off without separating the pieces. It even smells awful. Finally it is the highest priced glue I could find. Yet it is one of the most popular. Go figure.

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