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MCAA (Magic Creature Athletic Association)

The Round of 64 - Bracket 3

The Pairings:

Minotaurs vs. Thallids/Fungus

A typical beef vs. weenie match-up. Game one saw the Minotaurs leaving hoof-prints all over the little Thallids, but the next games played out differently. The Spore Flower, which creates a fog effect, kept the Minotaurs trapped in their mazes until the Thorn Thallid built up 60 counters to do 20 damage to the Minotaurs' mage.

Thallids/Fungus 2, Minotaurs 1

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Soldiers vs. Vampires

Soltari Champion led the way, knocking the Vampires down to one life, but the Portal card Vampiric Feast killed the shadow leader and gained four life in the process, enabling Skyshroud Vampire to do mega-damage. Game contest. The Vampires flew overhead to put the final stake in the Soldier's coffin.

Vampires 2, Soldiers 0

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Ghosts/Specters vs. Hounds

This was another match where flying proved to be too strong. Once the Skulking Ghosts hit the air, the Hounds scurried home, tails between their legs. Interesting note: Ghost Hounds participated in the battle on both teams and even blocked each other in game two.

Ghosts/Specters 2, Hounds 0

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Birds vs. Legends (Multicolored)

Fast, flying Bird beatdown garnered the Birds a swift victory while the Legends struggled to hatch their first six casting-cost creature. Game two saw Angus Mackenzie fog the Birds until his other friends could swoop in and kick Birdbutt. Asmira, Holy Avenger held off the flying in the third game until more Legends could arrive on the scene

Legends (Multicolored) 2, Birds 1

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Artifact Creatures vs. Demons

Absolutely no contest. Even with Charcoal Diamonds and Jet Medallions, the Demons never got a creature out in game one. In the second, Demonic Hordes invaded and destroyed all but one of the Artifact Creatures' lands, but one was enough to cast the 12/12 Phyrexian Dreadnaught, and from then on it was beatdown city.

Artifact Creatures 2, Demons 0

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Ships vs. Zombies

The Zombies were just too quick in both games, but the Skeleton Ship kept them down for awhile adding -1-1 counters. The Skeleton Ship requires black mana, providing the Zombie Master and his buddies a way to Swampwalk.

Zombies 2, Ships 0

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Drakes vs. Spirits

One game mana-hosed and one game early Spindrift Drake spelled doom for the slower Spirits. Radjen Spirit annoyed the Drakes, but it was hardly enough.

Drakes 2, Spirits 0

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Atogs vs. Fairies

Fast and flying were the Fairy abilites that crushed the Atogs along with the Willow Priestess which gave creatures pro-black to stop the charging Necrotog; however, an upset Foratog with plenty of forests to munch on saved face for the Togs.

Fairies 2, Atogs 1

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