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MCAA (Magic Creature Athletic Association)

The Round of 64 - Bracket 1

The Pairings:

Angels vs. Spikes

This was a super match-up. When 57 Spike Breeder tokens and Spikes come at you, what do you do? Block with 15 of your Angels and prevent the rest with one of your support cards, Guardian Angel. Game on Angels, but only because the Spikes ran out of cards, but Heaven was not as kind to the Angels in the last two games. Even though the Angels had the benefit of flying, they couldn't break through the endless supply of fog tokens from the Spike Weaver, which provided enough of a defense until the Spike Breeder could spit out lots of tokens to attack en masse.

Spikes 2, Angels 1

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Illusions vs. Serpents

The Serpents dropped plenty of islands into play and quickly pounded the smaller Illusions in the first contest. Games 2 and 3 played out much differently as the flying Illusions outraced the Kukemessa Serpent and his buddies.

Illusions 2, Serpents 1

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Insects vs. Licids

The Army Ants landkill bugged the Licids by preventing them from having the mana to do their tricks in game one. One nasty, regenerating, lured Licid with others pile on raided the bugs in game two. Game three saw the Army Ants chewing away at the land, but it wasn't enough because the Leeching Licid poked a point to end the stalemate, sending the insects into an early hibernation.

Licids 2, Insects 1

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Clerics vs. Unicorn/Pegasus

In the first game of the match, Order of the Ebon Hand, a protection from white creature, scooted through the mainly white legendary horsey deck. In number two, the Order again squeezed through, beating the airborne Pegasus.

Clerics 2, Unicorns/Pegasus 1

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Dragons vs. Elves

Game One: A quick Rathi Dragon did lots of damage, but the Llanawar Sentinels came out in force and dodged their way past. In the second, and final, encounter, the Elvish Hunter held down the Catacomb Dragon, allowing the little guys to sneak through.

Elves 2, Dragons 0

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Druids vs. Legends (Mono-Colored)

Having all of your lands as potential creatures is a powerful ability, and the Druids harnessed the power of the trees in games one and three. Both the Thelonite and Quirion Druids combined to create the land/creatures. A highlight for the mono-Legends was when an unblockable Grevin-il-Vec crashed through the forest for a second game victory.

Druids 2, Mono-Colored Legends 1

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Goblins vs. Knights

Both the Knights and the Goblins were favored to go all the way, so it made for an interesting match. In game one, the single casting-cost Goblins breezed past the Knight of Thorn easily. In the second game, with the Goblins stuck at one mana and all with the big Goblins in hand (eg. Goblin Mutant, Mogg Infestation), the Knights rolled past the smaller blockers. In game three, the Goblins were faced by a slight mana-hosing along with Southern Paladin (which destroys red creatures) and were slain viscously by the Knights.

Knights 2, Goblins 1

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Djinns vs. Walls

Defense vs. Offence. Think about it, the Djinns major drawback is upkeep damage, and when they don't win quickly, they end up killing themselves. In fact, in game two, the Walls did absolutely no damage. Just after Kookus came out, the Walls dropped Mindbender Spores, keeping the three-life a turn Djinn tapped for four turns and twelve life.

Walls 2, Djinns 0

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