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Extended Wonders

by Boldo

With the Extended Pro Tour coming right up, it is time to start wondering about decks. In this large environment, there are a lot of broken combos with yet better results than in the past.

Perhaps the best Extended tech is the "Intuition for Squee Goblin I Win". With the extended Ancestral Recall you get 3 cards for one. This combines exquisitely with Forbid to produce a lock favorite, but the real tech is with the Mindless Automaton where 2 Squees becomes a card and you get the Squee back for more Forbidding.

Another fine example of a better mouse trap is the Abundance Thawing Glaciers which allows you to thaw several times a turn. In most Abundance decks, land is all you want and this gives it to you untapped.

Let us not forget the Crop Rotation/Mishra’s Factory, or the Intuition/ Gaea’s Blessing tricks. But the big winner is still blue with a handful of free counterspells, Intuition, and free creatures. This might be even stronger for it than High Tide ever was. [an error occurred while processing this directive]