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Boldo’s Top Ten Urza’s Destiny Cards

by Boldo

With the new effort on the part of WotC to limit combo decks and slow the game, they presented the last set in the Urza’s cycle. With Destiny, the Urza’s Block is complete and the Boldo cards are at a minimum and lack the power of the Saga cards but also, hopefully, they will lack the banning of Saga, too.

  1. Replenish - Nothing is better than not having to cast your lock and this makes the stupidest locks possible with all enchantments.

  2. Yavimaya Elder - As the great prophet of card advantage, this is perhaps the best card since Ancestral Recall. It is a 2/1 creature which can block & kill a creature, draw a card and get 2 land. Even better, you get the land before you draw so it thins your deck out.

  3. Yagmoth’s Bargain - This is quite the bargain as WotC refuses to learn that you can not make a good card better and then just increase the casting cost. This is Necro but broken for Six mana.

  4. Academic Rector - If that enchantment you want is too expensive to cast, this will fix the problem as it will get it and put it into play for free just for the price of a chump blocker. Now if only there was an enchantment worth using it on…

  5. Thieving Magpie - WotC thought Ophidian was good as it drew a card but did no damage, so how to improve it. Perhaps make it fly and deal damage and draw the card.

  6. Wake of Destruction - Land kill is back but this is better as it is land removal. Which land? All land. Now that is a killer card. Now you just have to control some creatures and we all know red has no way to do this.

  7. Pattern of Rebirth - If you were to play with creatures, I feel you should play with big ones. These have big casting costs so it is best to find another way to play these creatures like bringing your choice in for free. This is like Natural Order, which was never seen at Boldo’s a year before secret force.

  8. Caltrops - Type 2 is all about creatures with 2 power and less than 3 casting cost. These creatures often have only one toughness and thus they all die to Caltrops. Nothing makes a game easier than controlling all creatures.

  9. Storage Matrix - This controls like no tomorrow with, say, Propaganda, Slow Motion or Pendrell’s Flux. Then have only land and counters and you have a winner.

  10. False Prophet - If you ever read something by me, then you know I love to control creatures. This not only controls them but it removes them for good.
Worst Card - Carnival of Souls - Flicker has a use in play while this only has a stupid 7 card infinite mana combo. [an error occurred while processing this directive]