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Boldo's Creature Talk

Often I am asked as a store owner and magic player what the best creature is in Magic. Now personally, I still believe this is one of those trick questions like "Have you stopped beating your wife?" After all, what is a good creature but a dead creature, but lets say we must choose. Well a casual glance around will remind us we are in the good old US of A and here bigger is better. Look at Texas, a great state because it is a big state, or the Cadillac a pile of junk but a prestigious large pile of junk. Why everything about this fine country is large, so then the best creatures must be the largest. WOtC has furthered this belief by making the big creatures just plain good as they do the most damage. So the list is as follows:

  1. Big Furry Monster (99/99)
  2. Phyrexian Dreadnaught (12/12)
  3. Polar Kraken (11/11)
  4. Leviathan (10/10)
  5. Colossus of Sardia (9/ 9)
  6. Abaroth (9/ 9)
  7. Endless Wurm (9/ 9)
  8. Force of Nature (8/ 8)
  9. Xanthic Statue (8/ 8)
  10. Marhjan (8/ 8)
  11. Phyrexian Colossus (8/ 8)
There should be honorable mentions to Crash of Rhinos and Scaled Wurm as the best commons, Deep Spawn and Riven Turnbull as the best uncommons and Lord of Tresselhorn as having a 10 power. [an error occurred while processing this directive]