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Pokémon Corner

If you have played Pokémon, you may have wondered which of the abilities is the best. Recently, people have been playing decks which rely heavily upon poison and paralyzation, but little is done with the other abilities and I think it is time they got there due.

Poison is the most common of all the abilities as it does 10 damage at the end of every turn to the poisoned Pokémon. The good thing about this is that it does the damage at the end of your turn and your opponents. The Pokémon with poison usually do less damage and then only poison on a coin flip of a heads. Thus, this ability tends to do its damage differently but averages the same amount as other Pokémon and, thus, I feel that it really is only good in particular situations.

Confusion is an interesting ability as a confused Pokémon has to flip to attack or retreat. The problem is that the Pokémon can first try to retreat and then, if it fails, can still try to attack. Thus, it does not work but a quarter of the time and most Pokémon have to flip to confuse so it has a very small chance of working.

Paralysis is a good ability as it freezes the opponent’s Pokémon for a turn so it can not retreat or attack. The Pokémon with these abilities usually need to flip for it, so it only works half the time. This is good but there is better.

Sleep is an ability like Paralysis but it puts the opponent asleep and it can not attack or retreat. The Pokémon gets a chance to wake up at the beginning of every turn and this happens half the time. Pokémon with sleep often do not have to flip for it and, if they do, then this is much better than paralysis as the Pokémon has the same chance of losing its attack but could remain asleep for a longer time period. So it is Paralysis with an upside.

Thus, if you are looking for a new deck to defeat your opponents, perhaps you should try to use sleep.

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