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Doomtown Card Spotlight

Edition 1 - Get a Rope

In Gomorra, everyone cheats or they just lose because a cheating deck draws so much better than a non-cheating deck. The other unavoidable fact about Doomtown is that every deck has some dudes which are more important than others. The trick to winning is often to boot or kill those important dudes which stay home and do not take chances. Get a Rope combines these two facts into a game winning bonanza. This card allows the player to punish an opponent’s weaker fighters with a gunfight they do not want. This can often get at those spell casters who are annoying you, get those mad scientists out of their home, or kill the influence your opponent has been hiding at home, and it avoids all their big guns you may not be able to beat. Finally, as every deck plays a low ball hand every turn, the turtling decks are vulnerable to the power of this card and makes Get a Rope one of the best cheating cards in Doomtown.

Edition 2 - Swapped Decks

Every once in a while while playing Doomtown you find yourself punished heavily for cheating during lowball. It is not your fault, it happens and all you do is whine. Well you should look about, as there is a card from Episode 8 of the original set called Swapped Decks. This reaction lets you discard a card from any draw hand and replace it with a newly drawn card. You may still cheat, but if not, then the cheating card played on you will fail. Thus you have a chance to avoid the Jackelops or the repoman.

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