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Pine Box Set Released for Doomtown

Five Rings Publishing has released its first compilation of cards from the Deadlands CCG. The Pinebox edition reprints the majority of cards from the original episodes 1 through 9.

Removed from the set were some of the abusable cards such as It Must Have Been a Mountain Lion. New in the set are one experienced dude for each outfit (Rachel Sumner, Elijah, etc.) and one additional card for each. Some are deeds that align well with the outfit (i.e., Burial Ground adds a control point if controlled by a Sioux and increases the difficulty of hexes and miracles if performed at the location). Others are goods, events or even actions that benefit a particular outfit, but might also be used in other decks.

There are a few mistakes in the set. The Flock symbols were left off of dudes aligned with that outfit, but it has been ruled that the dudes should be played as if the symbols were there. On the other end of the scale is the Walking Dead which has the text missing that multiples can be in play. In this case, the latest printed version rule has been invoked, so they are now unique. In addition, there are rumors that Pine Box Legal tournaments are coming, leaving out any card not in the Pine Box set. It’s Doomtown’s version of Type II!

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