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Highlander: Four Horsemen Card List

Card Title Rarity Type
A&T (Continue) UR PGM
A&T (Keep) UR PGM
A&T (Head Shot) UR PGM
Caspian (+1) UR PGM
Cassandra (+1) UR PGM
Crystal (Clio) UR PGM
Crystal (Melpomene) UR PGM
Crystal (Erato) UR PGM
Kronos (+1) UR PGM
Silas (+1) UR PGM
(Amanda) Low Blow R ATT
(Kern) Relentless R EVT
(Luther) Malicious Grin R EVT
(Xavier) Master Tactician R SIT
Balladeer R SIT
Blatant Clue R OBJ
Caspian R PER
Cassandra R PER
Child's Mind R SIT
Comes A Horsemen R ATT
Depravity R SIT
Duende R SIT
End Of Time R SIT
Famine R SIT
Foresight R SIT
Illusion R EVT
Impressive Move R EVT
Kronos R PER
Master Head Shot R EVT
Master's Attack R ATT
Master's Attack (left) R ATT
Master's Attack (right) R ATT
Master's Block R EDG
Master's Block R BLK
Master's Dodge R DGE
Master's Proficiency R SIT
Nemesis (You're Hist-discard) R SIT
On Your Knees R EVT
Pagliaccio R SIT
Peeping Tom R SIT
Persistence R EVT
Precognition R EVT
Prime Block R BLK
Protected Resources R SIT
Run Through R EVT
Sadistic Pleasure R SIT
Safe House R SIT
Season Six R EVT
See No Evil R SIT
Seer R SIT
Silas R PER
Skinning Knife R OBJ
Submarine Base R LOC
Taunt R EVT
The Apocalypse R EVT
The Bronze Age R LOC
The Vampire R PLT
Thrown Dagger R ATT
Unforseen Event R EVT
Vindication R SIT
Weapon Master R SIT
Weighted Blade R OBJ
Yuk-Hsui Chun R SIT
All Out Defense U SIT
Back Away U DGE
Back Away U DGE
Back Away U DGE
Back Away U DGE
Combination U EVT
Combination U EVT
Dodge U DGE
Dodge U DGE
Dodge U DGE
Duck U DGE
Enchanted Voice (evt) U EVT
Enchanted Voice (sit) U SIT
Extra Shot U EVT
Flashback U EVT
Flashback U EVT
Flashback U EVT
For the Departed U EVT
Nemesie (Committed) U SIT
Nemesis (1000 Regrets) U SIT
Nemesis (Dark Secret) U SIT
Nemesis (Dim Witted) U SIT
Nemesis (You're Hist-draw) U SIT
Rhesus Virus U OBJ
Trip U EVT
Trip U EVT
Trip U EVT
Well Prepared Defense U EVT
Advance Warning C SIT
Always...Winner (Reunion) C PLT-S
Always..Winner (Secret All.) C PLT-S
Block and Strike (each) C ATT-DEF
Close Quarters C SIT
Flamboyant Attack (obj) C EDG
Flamboyant Attack (sit) C EDG
Monkey C SIT
Overextended Att (each) C ATT
The Game (att) C SIT
The Game (def) C SIT
Trench Coat C OBJ
War Paint C SIT

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