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by Boldo

The end of the world is comming. So as a species of dinosaurs you need to get all the mutation points you can so when the meteor does crash into the earth you can survive to evolve into birds. Well before all the dying begins you can have a lot of fun moving your dinosaurs around, reproducing, and buying new mutations. All this fun really has little to do with the game where random card play and the fickleness of climate will determine the game. Finally incase you have no real desire to win the game you can get a few horns and then determine who else will win.

In many ways this is a bad game. Even the art is a bit goofy and the box does not hold the game well at all. Sometimes a serious game is not what is required and a goofy fun game is better. If that is so you can not do better than play EVO.

Boldo's Price - $31.50

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