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The origional Great Helm

Price: $175

This is a replicla from the seals of Richard the Lionheared and is the origional great helm. It is a great 12th century look with an SCA legal look.

Classic Pembridge (Basic Great Helm)

Price: $100

This simple helm was state of the art in Europe from the 12th to the 16th century. Although this style was used by all peoples, this pattern is based upon the 14th century Pembridge helm found in the Edinburgh armory. This reproduction has a closed face design, 7/8" eye-slot, breathing holes and nasal. For no extra charge the breathing hole design, nasal shape, and eye-slot shape can be customized.

Half-Open Pembridge Helm (Half Open Great Helm)

Price: $105

This mongrel design combines the vision of the open faced helm with the period look of the basic helm. The eye-slot is widened to 2 inches with a single bar in it and breathing holes below.

Open-Faced Pembridge Helm

Price: $105

This popular modification of the basic great helm provides superior breathing and vision without added weight. It comes with optional nasal design and is perfect for beginners without a bent towards authenticity.

Sugarloaf Helm

Price: $200

This is another early style greathelm. Popular in the 14th and 15th century it has a spagan type top on the closed face great helm. This one comes complete with a stylish crusader cross covering the seams in the front of the helm.

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