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Half Open Faced spuntop

Price: $110

This is a workhorse helm good for beginners and those on a budget. It is constructed of 12ga metal spun into a bowl and then crushed to make it a little more head shaped. There is a simple back and a two bar face plate similiar to the half open pembridges. This helm has an open slot to assist hearing and pleanty of room for breathing.

Viking spuntop

Price: $115

As the spuntop is a versatile top it can be made to look like many historical helms. This is the same helm as the basic spuntop but it has a better look achieved by a different nasal and a slightly different front. This helm also decorates very nicely and the pictured brass helm is $200.

Greek style "Corinthian" spuntop

Price: $120

With a slightly different look on the back and front I can also make Greek helm. The pictured helms have a bit of brass which the basic priced helm would not include. If you like the brass work these are from right to left $150, $200, $275. This is a cost effect way to go Greek on a buget and the look is all 4th century BC.

Bar Faced Spuntop

Price: $115

This is the newest thing in Boldo's Armory. These are simple spuntops with a drop back and an artistically styled face grill. These come in a variety of face styles both symetrical and period, all depending on the mood of the creator. I should have a few styles in stock to choose from for the grill and could create whatever you can imagine.

Roman Spuntop

Price: $125

This is the spuntop version of the beautiful Roman Helms which has become the signature piece at Boldo's. Although this version is cheaper it retains the signature back with is hinged for comfort unless you specify you want the classical back which was solid. the variety of brass work available on these is huge. The pictured brass work on the helm (it is the same helm from the front and side) was $250.

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