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Eric Moon's Story
My fluffy story was that Nephillia was attacking the Von Carstiens from the deserts of the south. The battles I fought went along perfectly with the fluff.
Round One: Dwarfs!
My opponent was TJ, a friend from my SOs college days. He ended up winning best sportsman. His army was fair, only fielding two units of shooters, and flame cannon. He had a BSB with a 150 point banner. I scored it though. ;)
The terrain set-up was weird, with a large wooded hill occupying the middle of the board. The scenario was breakthrough. We primarily played on one half the board, which worked to my advantage. I set up, planning to flank him, and it worked. On turn three I Van Hales'-ed into a flank of a unit, basically double charging it. I didn't kill a single dwarf, but beat him by one, and auto broke them. I had one unit chase them down, and the other held, and flank charged the next unit, and so on. My Lahmian challenged and killed his General, and proceeded to challenge every turn, in hopes of getting the BSB, but he declined, and so the BSB was effectively neutralized the whole combat. So she killed 3-5 Iron Breakers a turn. My other nice move, was I summoned a unit on the wooded hill in the middle. This was diversionary, and worked like a charm. TJ sent of his unit of clansmen with great weapons. I avoided combat for a few turns, but he eventually got them and destroyed them. But by then, I had destroyed his center, and my twin banshees were killing his Thunderers.
Two banshees working together are awesome, can even make high LD armies worry.
Round Two: Dwarves again!
This was a straight up battle. Again, there was a large wooded hill in the middle of the field. Boldo is one of my usual opponents, and is quite good. I can sometimes beat him, but it wasn't in the cards today. I managed to get Van Hales on all my wizards. On turn three, I was in position to van hales a unit of summoned skellies into a flank, if successful, it would of rolled up his line. I got off one, to position myself in the flank, I rolled the second... miscast, lose a level. Oh well, try the next one... miscast again! I can't cast anymore spells with my vampire. Sighing, I tried the Book of Arkhan, but Boldo dispelled it with ease. This left my summoned unit vulnerable to a flank charge. The game was far from over. His rock hard hammerers succumbed to panic, and fled from battle! My unit with my general then charged into a unit of clansmen, reducing them to dog food. I pursued, which opened my flank to recently rallied Miners. The miners crumbled away my skeletons, despite my Vampires' killing machine stats. In the last turn of the game, my Lady collapsed due to Combat Resolution. Had she not died, the game would be a draw.
Round Three: Dark Elves!
King of the hill. I won due to a technicality, we ran out of time. On the bottom of the fourth, I broke a unit of Spear Elves. That ended up being the last turn, and I had the most models. But I was dominated by one level 4 mage in the magic phase. Joe successfully cast Dominion and Black horror every turn. My twin Banshees wiped out a unit of RXB Elves in one turn of yelling, and severely reduced another the next turn. A unit of 8 dire wolves magically charged a unit of RBX Elves, and were wiped out in one turn! They suck, but are cheap and draw a lot of fire. If the game went 3 more turns, who knows. I was slowly winning the combat in the center. Another round of HTH, and I would of broken the second unit I was engaged with. But he had Dominion-ed my unit with both necromancers in it, preventing them from casting, which I needed to rejuvenate my depleted units. He was disappointed, and I offered him a rematch. Some day, My VC horde will face off against Joe's Dark Elves again, and the fate of the hill will be decided once and for all.
I ranked 4th or 5th overall, out of ten. Had I played anyone but Boldo or Chief's LZM in round two, I would of won that round too. Maybe next time.
Wow lengthy!

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