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The Canadian Gt is a little different than all other Grand Tournaments as it is
both a 40k and a fantasy tournament rolled into one. This allowed for a large
turnout by Boldo's regulars and the A team in particular. With Chris Courtney,
Jay Woodcock, Shaun Kemp, Mike Alexander, Paul Pacheco, Tom Looney playing 40K
and Boldo, Josh Glantz and Mark Cordia in Fantasy we had a lot of company to cheer
for our victories and do pushups when we lost. In fantasy there were only 84 plays
but in my mind only one mattered and that whas Josh. Friday Night the fantasy players
drove up together and we all set goals. Josh wanted to finish in the top 10,
Mark didn't want to have a losing record, and I wanted to beat Josh.
If you have never been to a GT then it is hard to describe the excitement of the
time before the first round. This may be the best part of the GT as everyone sets up
their army and puts it on display. Besides the incredible armies and mind blowing
presentations everyone is so friendly it is hard to imagine we will be locked in
battle in a few hours.
My army was a standard army for me. It had 10 crossbowmen, 10 thunderers, 10
Rangers, 15 clansmen with heavy armor great weapon, 15 clansmen heavy armor shield,
25 clansmen with shield, 25 clansmen with great weapon, 16 hammerers with shield,
one cannon, 2 bolt throwers one with rune of penetration, a runesmith, a dwarf lord,
and an engineer. Throw in a rune of balance a few runes of stone and one rune of
burning and that is my army. It is a lot of core troops a few war machines and
little magic.
The tournament started with me playing adam Clark int he first round. I was thrilled
as he is an excellent player and his army is brillantly done. He was only the second
person I had ever played with dioramic units (there are scenes rather than just
models going on in his army). This was also my introduction to Canada as his army
was a bit on the beefy side with 7 Chaos Knights, a Chaos Lord on Chimera, Dragon
Ogres,chariots, and 28 warriors. No magic but there was no need for it. I was a bit
overmatched, but with a good shooting round I score the chimera, the dragon ogers,
and chariot easily. Well the scenario is a straight up fight and he goes first.
I get to shoot at the chimera and come within 1 wound of killing both the rider
and the beast with one bolt thrower left to fire. Well to make a long story short
I never kill either and they score 700 points for him. I roll 2 1's to hit and
2 ones to wound on the beast. But that is okay as I charge his chaos warriors with
clansmen with great weapons in the front and side only to lose by 3. I beat the
knights by by 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 and when I lose by 1 I run. Then in the very end
I charge the Dragon Ogres in the side with my general needing one wound to kill
the one which can spin back but when I miss and he scores a wound I run automatically.
It was not my game and I start 0-1. My friend Josh also loses in the first but
Mark the weak link wins.
Round 2 has an odd set up where each player has 2 board edges and each turn the place
a unit on there edge. They also start with one unit on each edge. My opponent is
Jason Clark and he is playing skaven. He goes first, sets up poorly and lets me
flank all his units. Well two turns in he is in a huge hole and when the rat ogres
run 3 inches I have the game locked up. Now I am 1-1 and Josh loses again while
mark drawsto still put me trailing Mark.
Round 3 begins the major theme of the tournament as the scenarios start to hose
shooting with only one more scenario will not adversely effect shooting. To make
this even better I am playing Tom Van Dyke with his deamon army, 18 magic dice,
60 plaguebearers, and the great unclean one. Fortunately I win the die roll
to go first and shoot very well on turn one. Then on turn 2 his miscasts as
the cannon keeps firing away to beat down his dice while the 100 dwarves get
him into combat and find ways ti kill plaguebearers. Finally he is able to charge
me with the great unclean one and I after killing my general he misses a panic
test and I run him down. From here on out it is over in one of the least fun
games I have ever played. Either his magic wrecks me or not and either way the
game is easy for one player. So I am 2-1 while Josh finally gets on the board
with a draw and Mark draws again to go 1-0-2.
Round 4 starts at 6pm and I am very tired. Fortunately I play Pascal F. with a
chaos maurader army. He finishes fourth and is one of the most fun players I
have ever played. This scenario is poorly written and it is hard to figure out
how to play it. We get in a great game where my shooting is awesome early and
then I get the combats I want but after winning a few rounds in a row he will not run.
Then I make a mistake by charging with my thunderers who are dominating a whole
side of the board. To my credit he does need to hold on a +3 check but when both
of his units hold I get charged by a chariot, and duelists. I lose and run. Still
going into the last turn I just need to get a little lucky to draw but I do not and he \
wins by 199pts. It is a draw except tIn Canada they play 150 for a minor victory so
I lose. Josh wins and mark loses so we end day one with me 2-2, Mark 1-1-2 and
Josh 1-2-1.
Round 5 is perhaps the worst scenario I have ever played. It is called cut off the head
and the only victory condition is to kill the opponents general. Now though Francois L. is a fine
player and a great guy, when his orcs panic on turn 2 when a a fanatic runs through
them and then he misses an anomosity check while my general runs from the giant due to
terror it is not going to be much of a game. So we tie as does almost everyone
else in the room.
Round 6 is anouther bad scenario for me where magic is good, shooting bad, and
flying bad. Fortunately I play Darrin Holmes with his dwarves. Now in stunty beatdown
it is usually the side with the most units that wins. He shoots like me but has
only 3 fighting units to my five and rangers. I have 138 dwarves he has only93
but what he does have is a lot of runes, more expensive characters, and every unit
is maxed out. Well we move to the center where I flank him and proceed to win this
king of the hill style scenario. This round we all win so there is much rejoycing
until they hand out the next scenario.
Round 7 if the fifth scenario was bad this is worse. The player who has the artifact
at the end of the game wins. So to find out who starts with it roll a die
and the highest die wins, I mean gets the artifact. Well to make sure you can not shoot
that unit dead while it runs away from you give shooting a -2 and let war machines shoot
only on a 6. Russ W from Dakkadakka is my opponent playing Lizardmen. He has one of each type of
units in his army. We decide to put the artifact in the center of the board.
I put the rangers near it and am the first one to artifact. Where his skinks charge
them in the rear. While his beefy combat units struggle on the far side of the board
the real battle is between 10 rangers and skinks with my clansmen with shield
and his swarms adding to the excitement. On the other side I roll up first his
Kroxigors, then his saurus, and finally his slann as I spin well and he spins
poorly. In the end 3 rangers finally break free to hide behind 5 hammerers and
win the game. Meanwhile Josh wins, and mark loses so we end up Boldo 4-2-1, Josh 3-3-1
and Mark 2-2-3.
While we sit quietly waiting to see the fanatasy results they anounce the 40k
results and Chris Courtney finishes third overall and Shaun Kemp wins. So the
40k guys can now lord it over us. Then to make matters worse I lose to Josh in
the overall standing because the jusdges love his appearance and composition.
Well he is 19th and I am 21st so after 7 games, 2 days and lots of jokes about
the blowjobs Josh gave to the judges we finally head home.
the artifact. We

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