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RTT at UR on 1/12/02
For an upcoming RTT I decided to take an army which was a little more shooty than normal. This also meant it would be a bit smaller and this is always a concern of mine as I fixate on size. So I took

A Dwarf lord with gromril armor great weapon and rune of stone

A Runesmith with gromril armor great weapon, shield and rune of stone

An Engineer with gromril armor and great weapon

12 Crossbowmen

10 Thunderers with standard

12 Rangers with Standard

25 Clansmen with standard, musician, heavy armor, and shield

25 Clansmen with standard, musician, and great weapon

25 Clansmen with standard, musician, and shield

15 Clansmen with standard, musician, heavy armor, and great weapon

Cannon with rune of burning

Bolt thrower with rune of penetration

Bolt Thrower


Only 137 Dwarves of which 126 are fighters

As usual when I set up to play a shooting army the first battle is anti shooting and this was no different, as it was a Night Fight. The set up is in a quarter and shooting is limited to 3d6x2 inches. To further my woe my opponent is a dwarf player with more dwarves and fewer shooting. We set up and start by lumbering towards each other. Our armies are very similar; he has 3 blocks of 25 warriors, 10 rangers, 16 Thunderers, a cannon, 16 Ironbreakers and 12 miners along with a lord and BSB. Our big blocks meet at the center where my extra shooting has given me a 1-3-dwarf advantage in each battle. We score equal wounds so I win by one across the board and no one runs. My rangers are on one flank and are moving towards his thunderers and his rangers are moving towards my crossbowmen but he has no unit to hold my thunderers in place. So I get to charge a unit on the flank with my thunderers and in the rear with my gyrocopter. When one unit falls it is only a matter of time until the whole line falls. Meanwhile the miners do not enter until turn four and spend the rest of the game moving chasing my crossbowmen and being shot with warmachines until they can not even hold a board quarter. In the end his thunderers beat my rangers and he shoots the gyrocopter dead but that is all he can score.

Game two is Gain Ground. This is another problem for my army as victory is determined solely on control of board quarters. Not only are dwarves bad at this in general but a shooting armies are even worse. Fortunately I play Orcs and Goblins, which is a gift to dwarves who have an advantage against this army because it sounded good to Rick Priestly. I set up as normal with shooters on the flanks and beaters in the middle and he set up with an odd array of units one behind the next. This became a nightmare for him as units missed animosity affecting two units and led to him being unable to come down the field in any real order. Meanwhile I shot him up until he let me charge him. Then I had size, got wounds each time and on his turn they ran. So I pursued into the black orcs unit. The Gyrocopter Charged the black orcs in the rear, he missed the panic test, and the gyrocopter ran them down while the dwarves stood still. Now he was forced to turn a unit to face me and every time I beat a unit I got another flank charge. His general did beat my general in a challenge but in the end he had 5 models not destroyed.

In the final game I play Orcs again in a Totem Hunt. My opponent is playing 5 chariots, the Giant, 3 units of wolf rides, 3 shaman, snotlings, 2 big units of orcs, one big unit of goblins, and a small unit of orcs. Fortunately I hate green skin and have 2 chariot busters. He sets up with the units in the center and the chariots on both flanks and moves first. Then he moves forward and has a shaman miscast and die. On my first turn I shoot at the chariots and the cannon misfires but a bolt thrower kills a chariot and the thunderers kill another. This forces panic test in the other chariots and 2 of them flee, while the gyrocopter steams some wolves. On turn two there are no charges but another shaman's head explodes, and on my turn I finish another chariot, get 3 wounds on the giant, and another unit of wolves, but the rangers run off the board due to terror. Turn three the giant charges the thunderers who fail to shoot him dead. He charges me across the front but I have a Runesmith and a general so I win a few combats and panic sets in. We now pursue into units, shoot the giant dead and proceed to sweep the board clean for another victory.

With a good comp score, a 20 painting score (my first perfect painting score), and a 10 on quiz the dwarves prove triumphant.

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