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Rogue Trader Fantasy Tournament at New Frontier Comics February 17

Here is the official report

Winners of Saturday February 17, 2001
Warhammer Fantasy Battles Rogue Trader Tournament.
Champion- Josh Glantz

Best Sportsmanship-Pat Braun

Best Painted Army- Randy Elliott

Best Army- Boldo


1 Josh Glantz
2 Will Cole
3 Boldo
4 Randy Elliott
5 Jamie Richardson
6 Pat Braun
7 Ty Danboise
8 Rob Isbell
9 Steve Walsh
10 Jay Friot
11 Dave Quigg
12 Mike Garrett
13 Nick Wyran
14 Dan Downey

Pictures from the tournament.

Boldo's View
Fourteen players braved a Syracuse snow squall to
arrive at Camillus Mall. Five Dwarf, 3 Lizardmen, one Bretonian, one Vampire Count,
one Wood Elf, one Demon, one Orc, and one Skaven army were present. Among the
crowd was Chief Armorer Josh Glantz, and Ty both with Lizardmen. Despite the d
Bad weather we started almost on time and my first opponent was Micheal Garrett
with Vampire Counts. His army had a Black Coach, Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon with Sword
of Striking, 5 Wright Cavalry, 1 base of Spirit host, Banshee, 10 ghouls, 3 bases bat swarms, 21 skeletons, and
15 grave guard. I was playing my standard 130 dwarves including 2 bolt throwers one with burning and penetration,
a stone thrower with runes of penetration and accuracy, dwarf engineer, 15 crossbowmen,
15 thunderers, 15 hammerers, dwarf lord, runesmith with rune of balance, and 75 dwarf warriors in 4 units.
The game was forced march, which was very good for me particularly when his army was so small
and his casting irrelevant. I shot his black coach, banshee, Grave Guard, Ghouls,
and wright cavalry at least half dead. The Zombie dragon Vampire lord charged the hammerers with my general and
was beat dead, while ranks banners, and flank charges won the rest of the gam.
It was a beating and I am sure my sportsman took a little hit as a result of winning.

In the second round I played Ty's Lizzardmen in a grudge match. As the result of making a mistake when submitting his
list Ty had to play with a saurus hero in bimetl armor, 4th level mage priest with
piranha blade, 2 units of skink skirmishers with bow, one skink skirmisher with
javelin, 2 salamanders, 2 bases of snakes, one big block of 25 skinks, 2 block of
25 or so saurus, skink shaman, and 3 kroxigors. He advanced down the board using
the skinks to shield his saurus and krox but this limited his salamander's usefulness.
Unfortunately he got too close and when I charged with big block of dwarves with
great weapons he chose to take it. On one flank I beat the skirmishers and ran into
his krox which I beat slowly dead even with the salamanders help. In the middle his skinks
resisted the hammerers too well blocking his slann and saurus from getting in, so
that only on the last turn did the two generals meet and I hid from him. On the other flank
a dig block of skinks is no match for a big block of dwarves. My shooters whittled
his army down well as he advanced and his tenacious skinks in the center of the board
slowed the game down and neutralized his saurus. It was an interesting idea but somewhere his plan went
wrong and I won easily in a fun game with a great opponent.

In the second round Josh lost to the Demon player with horrible rolls for his salamanders. In the final
round I had to play this demon host. The scenario was King of the Hill and Rob Isbell,
the demon player, had only 59 models to my 130 dwarfs. The demons needed to annihilate me
if they were to out number me on the hill at the end, but he moved on the hill and waited for
my perfectly ranged stone thrower and bolt throwers stripped him of models. When his demon prince
failed to beat my general and his chaos spawn ran into his own troops my job only became easier.
Then a double charge put 85 of my models firmly on the hill to his 30 or so.

Three victories never make many friends and it seems that every army I play is the cheeziest dwarf army
ever, regardless of the perfect composition score. Now
I never jumped up and down, called my opponents names, mocked their army selection,
criticized their play, or flaunted their rules ignorance. I even let some people play
one way if I thought they were wrong just to avoid rules superiority. Nothing seems to help.
So after an enjoyable day of playing warhammer
I found out that I am as much fun to play as having your wisdom teeth pulled.
The 37 I received in sportsmanship may be the lowest score ever and thus I had to settle for
best army based upon my perfect comp score and good painting score. I just thought
with a perfect battle score these three would result in a pile of skulls.

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