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Rogue Trader Tournaments
Games Workshop has finally done something right by sponsoring local tournaments.
These fun and different tournaments are in all their games and are a great way to play more games, and to meet new players.

Local RTT

December 7 Warhammer 40K at Boldo's Armory 11am 2000pts

December 27 Warhammer Fantasy at Boldo's Armroy 11am 1999 pts

Results from local RTT

Games Day 2002June 28-29

URSCA Fantasy RTT January 12, 2002

Results from 2001

Results from 2000

Strategy Guide

Army Appearance Rules
Army Selection Rules
Building your Army for a RTT

Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer 40K
If you play a senerio not listed in the above folders please email it to Boldo

Army Lists
Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer 40K
If you play an army in a rogue trader tournament and would like to list it here please send it to Boldo.
If you please save send it in either an html saved file, or a word file it will be appreciated.

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