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Written by:Boldo
10/4/2010 4:30 PM

Seldom do I finish a game and say lets play again but that is what often happens with Piece O' Cake.  This is a short game in which a pie is set out made of 11 pieces.  One player divides the pie into a number of sections and then starting with the player on the left each player chooses a section. The game is that simple but as each player tries to get the most of one of the 9 pie types it seems like a tense 15 minutes.  Unfortunately after 5 rounds the game ends.  There are two problems iwth the game.  First it is not easy to shuffle trianglar pie pieces, and second why is it called Pieces of Cake when it is clearly pieces of Pie?  Other than this it is a great filler game and good for young kids as well as adults.

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