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Written by:Boldo
7/1/2010 9:46 AM

It seems there has been a number of dice games out recently.  With Airships, Kingsburg, Ruse and Bruise, and To Court the King there have been a string of excellent games.  Alea Icta Est may seem like another in a long line of games but despite many similarities it is the diffeences which make this memorable.  Like Kingsburg the dice are used get resources.  But unlike Kingsburg players can place any number of dice and they can out bid other players for resources.  Further when one player runs out of dice the round finishes and then it is over so there is no hoarding dice until the end.  The game also scales very well with different number of players making it ideal of many different setting.  Though it you may have a number of different dice game already if you enjoy them this will be a welcome addition toyour gaming collection.

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