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Written by:Boldo
6/21/2010 3:02 PM

After Planescape I was not too wxcited about a new multiplayer release.  I was expecting more of the same with some interesting global cards.  What we got in archenemy is a whole new game.  This is perhaps the most innovative magic idea in a long time and it is simple -- lets have an unequal number of players on each side.  From this simple concept is a whole array of great social magic ideas which I think many people will enjoy.  Although there are some new and interesting cards in these they are not for the hard core tournament gamer.  They are designed more for the magic group or 3-5 players where some are better than others.  This allows for players to join together to beat a common foe and allows for the weaker players to enjoy playing right along with the more serious player.  Enough generalization in each of the four sets you get one premade deck which has 8 rares and one unique card.  They you also get a set of 20 schemes which forma seperate deck for the arch enemy.  The archenemy turns over one scheme a turn and executes it then takes their turn.  After this all other players take their turn and try to kill the archenemy only.  In most groups this should revitialize magic as a social game and work well in any setting it is tried.  With a Boldo's price of $18 a deck it is well priced and will be a great addition to most collections if nothing else.


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