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Written by:Boldo
6/21/2010 2:46 PM

It seems that this is the year for revisions to warhammer rules.  With 8th edition for fantasy and a new edition for ancients(WAB) there is a lot of reading to do for the summer.  It is fitting to review these together as they were launched together in many ways.  WAB was the first revision of fantasy 5th edition and was kind of the prototype for 6th ed.  With WAB 2E they refine, and improve upon this system which has now been around for 12 years.  The biggest changes are to the arc of the unit which changes the way flanking works.  They also have made the battle more tactical by having units give ground which can be played around with huge benefits.  They also add a few minor new combat resolution modifiers and fix a lot of minor problems.  On the bad side it is only carried by forge world who is not distributing it to store so there will be fewer new players.  It is also very expensive with a cost of 37 GBP around $60.  The book is a bit busy in layout though the full glossy finish will appeal to many.  On the whole it has been tremendously entertaining to play and is a fine improvement on a tried and true rules system.

Warhammer Fantasy 8th (WFB) is really a new game.  They have in many ways changed the game to return it more to its 5th ed style.  They have in many ways fixed the big problems of 6th and 7th ed but they also have eliminated many of the tactics and plays of before.  While the game was once about guessing and careful moves now you can measure everything befor eyou do it and get to roll for how far you charge.  While playing WAB seems like a better version of an old game this feels like a brand new game and unfortunately in many ways a simplier one.


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