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By Boldo on 6/17/2009 5:29 PM

Usually I do not consider army construction as a part of strategy but in 7th ed it has become a crucial element of gaming.  It is not that I feel games are won in army construction but in 7th it is easy to lose games in construction ... Read More »

By Boldo on 6/17/2009 5:23 PM

For years I have enjoyed Vinci as a board game treasure.  It has some small problems and the production values of the game were mediocre at best but it played great.  It was a war game in the Euro-game model and was excelle ... Read More »

By Boldo on 6/1/2009 2:05 PM

After playing warhammer for a while people often become interested in attending a tournament.   Perhaps you have played in other tournaments or sporiting events and this seemed like it might be fun.  There are a nu ... Read More »

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