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By Boldo on 12/29/2008 5:36 PM

After a bit of a break Agricola is once more available.  This is Z-man games which is one of the highest rated games of all time.  I would recommend this game without reservation as it is a very enjoyable building game but ... Read More »

By Boldo on 12/29/2008 5:25 PM

I noticed this weekend at our tournament that a lot of people do not know what the expected results of a combat are.  Before I begin any combat I like to know what the start of combat results are.  So I normally calculate t ... Read More »

By Boldo on 12/29/2008 4:54 PM

Here are the results for the tournament from December 28.  I hope everyone had a fun time and there were lots of prizes.  Hopefully many of you will make either the escallation league or our tournament at Geneseo on Februar ... Read More »

By Boldo on 12/18/2008 11:40 AM

One of the things I hate in games is rolling dice for the sake of rolling dice.  I want there to be some thought which is required and I like the thought aspect to be more important than the dice rolling part.  Unfortunatel ... Read More »

By Boldo on 12/18/2008 11:18 AM

For the last couple of weeks John and I have been playing warhammer ancients on Thursday night.   This has been a guilty pleasure of ours for quite some time but it has been a while since we played. and these last two games ... Read More »

By Boldo on 12/4/2008 12:26 PM

If you play Warhammer ancients then you already know about the plastic celts and romans by Warlord games.  In this case you have already heard how nice the minis are and at 30 for 28.75 they are also a great price.  For those that ... Read More »

By Boldo on 12/1/2008 4:11 PM

For years I have felt that all units should have command if they were planning on fighting.  Recently though I keep finding armies which might not need them.  In particular Tomb Kings, and Vampire counts will never need the ... Read More »

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