Saturday, November 18, 2017

The armor pieces discussed here are but small examples of the things I am capable of producing. Many of the pieces were designed by others who commissioned me to build a piece from a picture or a sketch. Thus if you have a dream of what you want your armor to look like. I'd be honored to try to make your dreams come true.

Further, even the simplest design has plenty of room for decoration with no extra cost. Thus I encourage you to let your imagination run wild and if it can be built without welds then I will do my best to match your fantasy.   Many of the pictures show highly decorated pieces and for all of these there is a simple cheaper non decorated piece which I can not find a good picture.

My basic construction is to use 16 ga (1/16 of an inch)cold rolled steel for all flat metal pieces, 5/16" diameter bars, 1/8" diameter rivet for bars and 3/16" rivets for all other pieces. I will substitute 14 ga (1/14 of an inch) metal for dished, spun, or heavily hit areas. In my opinion this should be thick enough if everyone plays correctly, but I will employ a thicker metal if you request it and are willing to pay for the added aggravation this causes me.

Unfortunately I do not now, nor am I planning, nor can I be convinced, to work in stainless steel. It is too hard on my tools which do not deserve this stress.

Finally, I am very happy to provide discounts and rebates for trade-ins, donations to worthy organizations, volume orders, new shires, and rough finishes. I also stand behind my work and have been armoring for 15 years. I will repair and maintain any armor I made (does not apply to rust or the finish of the armor).

With Pleasure,

Brother Boldo
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If you want to order a piece use the 'Email a friend' envelope at the bottom of the gallery and send a note to boldo with your contact information and any custom orders.

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