Thursday, November 26, 2015
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Gaming Leagues at Boldos

Magic Casual Night 7pm bring your commander deck


Retiree Board Games 11am- 5pm

 Wednesday  Warhammer Wednesday 2pm to 10pm
Magic Modern Tournament 7pm $5

Magic Standard Tournament 7pm


Board Game Friday

Friday Night Magic  Booster Draft 7pm


Board Games 1pm

Sunday Warhammer 40K and Fantasy
Quick Links

Magic Battle for Zendikar is coming
Setember is time for a new Magic release
Battle for Zendikar
Boldo's has lots of tournaments
September 25 at midnight Pre-release tournament at Boldo's $25
September 26 at 10am Pre-release tournament at Boldo's $25
September 27 at 10am Pre-release tournament at RIT SU cafeteria $30
October 2 packs go on sale and release tournament at 7pm $12
October 4 Release tournament at RIT $15

Thursday Night Standard Tournament

Thursday Night is now Magic Night.  We will be running a Standad Tournament at 7pm every Thursday for $2.

Friday Night Magic

Boldo's is host Friday Night Magic once more.

Every Friday at 7pm



Boldo's Armor

Looking for the perfect helm?  Custom gauntlets to match the plate you picked up in Wales?  In addition to all the games Boldo's is a full fledged armory.  All pieces are custom made to each users needs, including styles, decoration, weight considerations plus anything else that will make your armor a perfect match.  Take a look at the gallery to review a small selection of the pieces I have crafted.

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12/1/2015 4:00 PMMagic group play

Magic the Gathering for kids in a fun group play environment

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